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    时间:2017-08-16  来源:中国景观网  编辑:fangfang  浏览:1400次

    来自泰国的建筑师事务所 Chiangmai Life Architect 为Panyaden国际学校设计了一座竹体育馆。在有机的现代设计和最新的工?#30899;际踔校?#24314;筑师将天然材料——竹子融入设计之?#26657;?#21019;造了一个独特的体育馆。

    Chiangmai Life Architect's Bamboo Sports Hall for Panyaden International School combines modern organic design, 21st century engineering and a natural material – bamboo.

    ▼建筑外观,the exterior view



    The design was based on the lotus flower as Panyaden International School is in Thailand and uses Buddhist teachings to infuse values into its academic curriculum and teach the underlying mechanisms of the human mind.



    设计草图 设计草图


    The brief was to build a hall that should be big enough to hold the projected capacity of 300 students, but still smoothly integrates with the previous earthen and bamboo buildings of the school as well as the natural hilly landscape of the area. It should provide modern sports facilities and use only bamboo to maintain the low carbon footprint and the "Green School" mission of Panyaden.

    ▼建筑与周边环境相融合,the building integrated well into the surrounding landscape


    ▼大屋面近景,close view of the grand roof





    The hall covers an area of 782 sqm, and hosts futsal, basketball, volleyball and badminton courts, as well as a stage that can be lifted automatically. The backdrop of the stage is the front wall of a storage room for sports and drama equipment. On both long sides balconies provide space for parents and other visitors to observe sporting events or shows.


    ▼体育馆开敞的室内空间,the interior view of the hall


    The design and material enable a cool and pleasant climate all year round through natural ventilation and insulation. At the same time, the exposed bamboo structure is a feast to the eye and an exhibition of masterly handicraft.

    ▼竹天花板,the bamboo ceiling

    ▼竹结构细节,the details



    The hall was designed with the help of 2 independent engineers to modern safety standards of loads, shear forces etc. to withstand the local high-speed winds, earthquakes and all other natural forces.
     The innovative structural design is based on newly developed prefabricated bamboo trusses with a span of over 17 meters without steel reinforcements or connections. These trusses were prebuilt on site and lifted into position with the help of a crane.

    ▼结构分析模型,the structure models



    Panyaden's Sports Hall's carbon footprint is zero. The bamboo used absorbed carbon to a much higher extent than the carbon emitted during treatment, transport and construction.

    The bamboo was all well selected for age and treated with borax salt. No toxic chemicals were involved in the treatment process. The life span of the bamboo hall is expected to be at least 50 years.

    ▼与建筑隔水遥望,view across the water


    ▼夜晚的体育馆成为戏剧舞台,the sports hall become theater at night





    Chiangmai Life Architects (CLA)
    Completion Year: 2017
    Built Area: 782 sqm
    Photographer: outside: Markus Roselieb (CLA); inside Alberto Cosi (www.albertocosi.com)
    Lead Architects: Markus Roselieb, Tosapon Sittiwong
    Engineers: Phuong Nguyen, Esteban Morales Montoya
    Client: Panyaden International School
    Budget: USD 300,000
    Carbon Footprint: Zero

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